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Chicken Planks

Served with sweet and spicy glaze .....$7.75 

With Fries...$8.75

Onion Rings

A Schooners Favorite! Hand-peeled and sliced onions dipped in our own special batter.....

Whole Order $6.50 Half Order $5.50

Buffalo Shrimp

Small $6.75 Large $11.85

Beer Cheese & Crackers


Anchor Cheese Sticks

Beer Battered Mozzarella Sticks.....$6.50

Fried Mushrooms with sauce


Corn Fritters


Mini Corn Dogs


Steak Fries


Baked Potato



For The Kids In The Crowd


Chicken Nuggets

Available with chips or fries...$5.25

Hot Dog

Available with chips or fries...$3.75

Mini Corn Dogs

Available with chips or fries...$4.25

Grilled Cheese

Available with chips or fries...$4.75 

The Lighter Side



Homemade Soup of the Day

Cup $3.25 Bowl $4.25

Homemade Chili In Season

Cup $3.75 Bowl $4.75

Grilled Cheese With

Bowl of Soup $6.95 Bowl of Chili $7.50

Fried Chicken Plank Salad

Chicken strips served atop fresh vegetables, tossed mixed greens and your choice of dressing....$8.75

Grilled Mesquite Chicken Breast Salad

Assorted fresh garden greens and tomatoes topped with a mesquite chicken breast...$8.25

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken breast, dipped in our famous buffalo wing sauce, on a plate of assorted mixed greens and veggies. Served with our bleu cheese dressing...$8.25

Fried Shrimp Salad

Fried shrimp served over a bed of fresh vegetables and tossed garden greens...$8.25

Chef Salad

Ham, turkey, cheddar and jack cheese with plenty of fresh vegetables and tossed garden greens..


Lite Batter-Dipped Chicken

For those of us with one eye on the waistline, we offer two pieces of juicy white meat chicken, skinless, lightly dipped in our secret batter. It's less than 350 calories, complete with a salad and a low cal dressing...7.95

Club Wrap

Smoked turkey, ham and bacon with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Served with a side salad of your choice...$7.95

Cold Turkey Sandwich

With lettuce and tomato...$6.95

Garden Burger

A mix of vegetables, grains...$7.25 

Add Cheese ...75 cents Total Fat 3g

Dinner Salad


Cole Slaw


Cottage Cheese


Bacon on Salad or Sandwich


Authentic Buffalo Wings


 Our specialty of the house. Legend has it that Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull dined on Buffalo wings before meeting Custer at Little Big Horn. Actually...they were invented by a lady in Buffalo, N.Y., as a way to sell chicken wings. What's so special about our chicken wings? The way we prepare them. Try them with our MILD SAUCE and your mouth will water! Try them with our WILD or FIRE SAUCE and your eyes will water! Either way, your taste buds will never be the same. Served with bleu cheese dressing


Buffalo Wings

Sold by the Pound $7.75
5 lbs $33.50 

BBQ Wings $7.75 

Garlic Wings $7.95

Batter-Dipped Add $0.50

Extra Buffalo Sauce $1.00 

Extra Bleu Cheese Dressing $0.50

Bleu Cheese 12oz. $3.00 

Buffalo Chicken Nuggets

Lightly Breaded, All White Meat Chicken, dipped in our Authentic Buffalo Wing Sauce

6 Pieces $6.25

12 Pieces $11.75 

*Specialty Burgers*



Schooner Burger

7oz. Burger $7.25... With your choice o two slices of cheese $7.75

Gebby Burger

With three cheeses and grilled onions ...$7.95

Swiss & Mushroom Burger


Bacon, Cheddar, BBQ Burger

With grilled onions...$8.24


American, Provolone, Cheddar, Swiss, Jalapeno cheese...Two Slices $0.75 



 All sandwiches include krinkle cut fries or chips. Substitute salad, onion rings or steak fries for only $0.50. Tomato or peperoncini's, add $0.50 each. Cheese, add $0.75 each.

Mound of Beef

On a French roll Au Jus...$7.95

Seasoned Steak Sandwich

6 oz. steak on garlic bread with fries... $9.95


With grilled onions...$6.75

Italian Beef

Homemade from the roast, simmered for hours with seven different spices...$7.50

Italian Sausage

Served with grilled onions and hot pepper cheese...$7.25

Butterfly Pork Chop

Batter-Dipped, Deep-Fried or Broiled...$7.50

Grilled Ham and Cheese

Served on swirled rye bread...$7.25

Horseshoe Sandwich

Ham and fries on toast smothered in cheese sauce...$7.25...Try a Burger Shoe...$8.25

Hot Polish Sausage

With grilled onions...$6.75

Coney Dogs

Plump hot dog(s) served with our own Coney sauce and your choice of fries or chips... 1 Dog $4.95, 2 Dogs $7.95

Grilled Reuban

Thin sliced corn beef, swiss cheese and sauerkraut on dark rye with 1000 island dressing.... $7.50 ... Try this one with turkey

Fish Sandwich

5 oz. natural fillet served with Cheese...8.75

Chicken Breast

Batter-Dipped Deep-Fried or Broiled...$7.25...Buffalo wing sauce $0.50

Buffalo Wrap

Schooners famous buffalo wing sauce on fried chicken strips with crumbled bleu cheese, and house dressing, lettuce and tomatoes...$7.95

Poor Boy Sandwich (beef, ham or turkey)

Served on grilled garlic butter roll with lettuce, swiss and mayo...$7.95

BLT Sandwich

Served on white toast w/mayo...$6.95

Our Famous King Tenderloin ALA CARTE

Why waste time? Combine a weeks worth of eating into one meal. Our plate filling tenderloin might feed a family of four, but it's specially priced for one...$11.75...extra buns $0.50...Tomato $0.50 each per bun

Mini Tenderloins

Four with Krinkle Cut Fries...$6.75 or Ala Carte $1.50 each

Tenderloin Supreme ALA CARTE

This is one for kamikaze gourmands. We start with our giant King Tenderloin cooked to perfection. We add pizza sauce, two kinds of cheeses, grilled sausage and top it off with lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Feeds two or more...$13.95 



 Dinners include your choice of salad, cole slaw, cottage cheese or cup of soup; choice of potato and dinner rolls

Gebby's Beerbatter Chicken

Quarter Chicken $7.50 Half Chicken $10.50 All White meat add $2.00


A full pound, deep-fried or broiled...$14.95

Tuesday Nite Fish Fry.. All the fish you can eat!

Homemade potato salad, baked beans, Hush puppies...$7.25

Sunday Chicken Fry

Fried chicken served with homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw and fresh baked dinner rolls...1/4 Chicken $6.50 1/2 Chicken $9.50...All white meat add $2.00